Welcome to Fuzzy Ed's!

Salt Cellar

Fuzzy Ed’s Fun House is a soft play area for ages 0-12 years! Children must be under 4ft 9 and supervised at all times! We have a baby area which caters for children 0-4 years and the older section for children aged 5-12 years old! The Fun House is attached to a fantastic family dining pub.

Facilities and Accessibility

  • Coffee and soft drinks
  • Tuck shop
  • Under 5's area
  • Less than 4' 10"
  • Adults coffee area
  • Baby change

Contact Details

  • Holmes Chapel Road
  • Poachin Way
  • Middlewich
  • CW10 0JB
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Opening Times

  • Mon - Fri
    11.30am - 11pm

  • Sat
    11.30am -11.30pm

  • Sun
    11.30am -10.30pm